Wednesday, November 18, 2015

To effectively serve others, we must see them through a parent's eyes, Through Heavenly Father's eyes

Hello Family& Friends!
This week has been THE best! But who am I kidding? Every week has been awesome.
I am going to strive to keep my emails shorter and share with y'all the miracles and the spiritual experiences!
We have two new investigators we are teaching, Will and Quita! Will is dating a member here In Madison, and watched General Conference with her and wants to know more! We had an awesome Lesson with him this Wednesday and he was able to come to Church this Sunday! WAHOO! And Quita has met with missionaries before, but after a certain set of missionaries left, they lost contact with her and just never stopped in again to see her. Luckily we had tracted a neighborhood, and did ONE more door and it was hers! We had a lesson with her this Thursday and she was STELLAR! She requested a Book of Mormon and really loved what we had to say about the Family. she ultimately just wants to do the will Of our Heavenly Father to bless her family. Its so awesome! We have a lesson with her this Thursday again. We have been seeing so many miracles this past week, with finding new people to teach, we have been fasting and praying for this and we are so grateful that we are able to see the blessings from us working so  hard to find.
The other day we were at Brenda's, she is the one who lives in the assisted living center that we visit twice a week..  ( I love that place, I'm gonna "grand" nap all of them. haha) and her roommate Jill just started to cry as I hugged her and told her how pretty she looked that day. She has been having such bad stomach pains and I just couldn't help but cry. Jill has been there for a long time, and she suffers from major depression and hardly has visitors. I just couldn't stop thinking of her. That Saturday we went to visit with them again, and we asked Jill to sit in our message, I felt impressed to sing a Childs prayer" and I never feel prompted to sing.. y'all have heard my voice. haha but as we all sang she started to cry and was so happy! We then offered to clip their toe nails and paint them.. ( let me tell you, those nails were long *gag*) but we love them and so it just made it that much easier and their nail clippings were flying all over. eww eww eww. hahaa
But at church on Sunday Brenda leans over and says, "child, my nails feel so much better. Thank ya sugaa." I love her.

I love this gospel, and I love being here. I love that I don't need to be qualified before I come out here. I just need to have a sincere desire to help everyone come closer to our Heavenly Father and Savior. I know that Heavenly Father has worked with my desire, and my faith in him to help me be the hands for his children. I'm so grateful he asks us to be his hands! I have never felt so much love from my Heavenly Father than as I see it by helping his children. I know he loves all of us so much.
I invite y'all to read or watch the talk, "home, family and personal enrichment" in the October 1999 General Conference! I just read that this morning as I was studying for our next lesson with Quita this Thursday and I loved the story of the birds she shares. I know that our homes our where we can build our Faith on Christ. Where we can truly feel safe, loved and closer to our Heavenly Father. It all comes down to how you're building your home. I hope we can all strive to make our homes a place to feel the spirit, and to feel closer to our Heavenly Father!
"to effectively serve others, we must see them through a parent's eyes, Through Heavenly Father's eyes."
Dale G. Renlund
Have a blessed week! Love y'all!
Love, Sister Cunningham

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