Wednesday, November 18, 2015


How are y'all?!
Thanks so much for the fun updates and pins from Pinterest!! I
seriously love them so much! Please continue to send me fun things, it
makes my companions day too.
Things have been getting SO good, I have learned so much fun this transfer.
My companion struggles, she just is at that point where it's harder
for her to stay here then leave her sometimes, and so sometimes I just
tell her let's sit in the car and talk for a minute. We did that
yesterday And it was amazing, I was just telling her that I loved her,
and then I seriously felt this overwhelming feeling of just love and
care that was beyond my own capacity, and I just knew it was Heavenly
Father! It was incredible! I just started to cry.. And then she
expressed how she felt so bad she had started being disobedient a
little on when she'd get up and go to bed.. And I just started to bear
my testimony on the power of repentance. It was amazing!! I knew
repentance was real, but it wasn't until I truly shared how I felt the
atonement truly is just Heavenly Father and the savior enabling us to
draw closer to them, even when we start to turn away. It was amazing!
And it just makes me so incredibly happy I chose to come here. I
receive so much revelation, and really have started to see that my
tender mercies are when I see someone feel the spirit, that is the
greatest thing to see and feel. I can't express how grateful I am to
have this gospel in my life, and to know you all have testimonies and
support me full heartedly out here.

Yesterday we had a missionary council with our ward missionary at his
home. He was goi g to give sister Russell a blessing, and before he
gave it he just sat down with her and talked with her for a long
while, and when we were driving home, sister Russell told me he had
said I had grown SO much in this transfer. I don't know if I ever
really expressed my struggles with sister Gerard, cause she was
amazing! I loved her, but I really was just in her shadow. She taught
me HOW to do things, but never really let me do any of it. She did the
majority of the talking, she told me all about the families,
investigators and everything, she drove. She started most of the door
approaches. It wasn't until the last weeks I started to really open up
more, but when Sister Russell came, I was basically having to talk to
everyone, plan everything, tell her everything, teach all the lessons.
I think I cried every single day for a long while.. Hardest thing I
had ever done. I felt so inadequate and satan wasn't helping. But now,
I can see just how much the savior has strengthened me! It's so
amazing!! I have no problem doing anything, and just honestly love it!
Some days are really hard, but not everyday is perfect anywhere in
this life. I just can't express how much his comment meant the world
to me, I needed to hear that I was improving.
Thank you so much for your love and support!! I love and miss you all
so much, I wish you guys could have been here yesterday!! There was NO
humidity, and the weather was in the seventies!! It was so beautiful,
and the trees are starting to change colors!! Heavenly Father knew how
much I'd love it here :)
I'll keep sending pictures!! Isn't that shared album on iCloud amazing!?!? :)

P.s. This is a lot to ask. And I understand if the answer is no, but
there's a lady who sales lularoe here,and she gives all the
missionaries discounts on ALL of the clothes. And there's only two
dresses that I just LOVE! Would you hate to put any money into my
zooms bank account!? I feel so bad asking, but I will only probably be
here for two more weeks because I think I,l be transferred so this is
like my only chance!

I love you!! Thank you for all y'all do!!
Continue to read your scriptures and say your prayers!! Those two
things are such blessing gas in this life!!
Love, sister Cunningham!!

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