Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Red Ford Truck

Hey y'all!

It's crazy how fast the days and weeks go, and everything that happens
seems to blend together so I'll try and remember all that's happened
this week!

On Tuesday after district meeting we decided we were going to bike
with how many miles we had shot this month, so we drove to sister
Enows( a less active we visit often) and visited with her. Holy cow,
sister Enow is so dang strong, she's lost her husband, quit her job so
she could start going back to school so she could support herself and
her three boys, and recently had a tick bite that they didn't catch
very fast enough so she's going through all of these crazy side
effects from it! I can't imagine. And where it's been trial after
trial you can see how much of a toll it's taken on her, but she will
just say, " I don't know what Heavenly Father needs me to learn, but I
know he's teaching me as I go through all of this." Wow. She's so
awesome. I wish I could be as strong as sister Enow, her trust in the
Lord is so admirable.

Well after sister Enows visit, we rode over to another less active who
lives with her active father brother Merrill. He was the only one
home, and we were so happy to get to talk with him. He recently found
out he has bone marrow cancer and it's really started to take an
effect on him recently. We were bringing over a primary program
invitation to them, and as soon as he saw it he started to tear up..
He said last week was the first time he had missed a sacrament in
thirty four years... And he was so scared he wouldn't be able to make
it to the primary program. He started to talk about how much little
kids helped him feel of gods love, and how much he hoped he'd be able
to attend. Yesterday during the primary program we noticed him sitting
on the bench with tears in his eyes as he waved to us. It just made me
so grateful that he wanted to be there so much, and was able to come,
and he really understood the importance of the sacrament. President
has been asking us to practice our own four minute lesson on the
sacrament this past week, and I've just really felt how powerful it
really is each Sunday. It's really the only ordinance we can do for
ourselves more than once, and we get to do it every seven days! How
awesome right? Y'all get your butts to sacrament! ;) haha.

Well, this is the sketchy part of that day, sister russell and I
planned to tract this street about two miles away from our car, so we
rode over and knocked on a house and met this racist, cat lady. Don't
get me wrong, she was so kind and definitely a loved daughter of God.
But I have never met someone that racist here yet, and her cats were
all over!! And she knew all of their names! I thought that was pretty
cool. Well her and I were having a pretty good conversation about what
she had thought about the Book of Mormon, ( she had met some elders a
few years back) and sister russell was Really quiet, a lot more than
usual and she kept watching the road. Well we told her we'd come by
again to help her clean her yard and started to walk to the next house
when sister russell said, "sister Cunningham, there's been a little
red ford truck driving by this house really slowly, the whole time we
were standing at that door. " I hurriedly said, we need to leave. As
soon as we started toward our bikes that were locked up, we see the
red truck slowly driving into someone's driveway and starting to turn
around to drive back out, heading in our direction! There's no one
outside, and sister russell is more pee wee than I, so we probably
wouldn't beat him in an arm wrestle, so we start to knock on a door
close by to see if we can get some help, or just get someone else with
us. No one was answering their doors, and then we couldn't see where
the truck had gone, so we calmly said a prayer and called our district
leader elder ward, and he just said to hurry and get on our bikes and
get on the busy street and bike to the car and call him as soon as we
got there. We were able to get to the car safely, and didn't see the
truck at all anymore. But I am not gonna lie, I was so scared! But as
soon as we said a prayer I knew we'd be okay and we just prayed for
that man and hoped his intentions was just lookin out for the cat lady
we were talkin too. Haha

And then this past Saturday we had a lesson with Valerie, and read
from the Book of Mormon with her and it was so, so good! I love that
lady so stinkin much, I've adopted her as another grandma. Valerie my
Jamaican grandma.haha I told her the news that Sister a Russell and I
would both be training new greenies this transfer, so one of us would
be leaving. She said, " what!? Why do they do that!? I love you girls!
Tell them no! You have to watch me get baptized!" Haha I promised her
that we'd write her and keep in touch, and that the lord trusts his
missionaries and will always send her amazing ones to help her! It's
so awesome how close you become to people so quickly, I love it here
in Dacula so much!!

Which brings me to my next bit of news... The aps called this morning
to let us know that Sister Russell and I would both be training fresh
new missionaries and her new trainee will be staying here in Dacula,
and I'll be transferred with my new trainee to Maddison!! It's in the
Athens zone, which is where sister russell had served with sister
Barnard ( the one who was in the car accident) her first transfer!
It's also the zone where sister Gerard is serving as an STL! So I'll
be able to go on exchanges with her! Ahh! I am so stinkin excited, i
will miss Dacula so much, but I prayed that when transfers came I
would feel good and confident in wherever I was placed and so I really
do feel so good about Maddison! Sister russell said I'll probably be
the minority, and theirs some sketchy places! So that's awesome! I'm
not pee wee enough to not be able to handle anything, with the lords
help of course! Haha. I know that white washing, and training after
only three months is pretty crazy, but I'm just reminded that I can do
all things through Christ who strengthens me. But really though,
without him I'd be a mess!

I hope y'all can go and read elder uchtdorfs talk from the general
women's meeting.. Female or not! He taught a parable that was really
encouraging, it's called, " a summer with great aunt rose"  and in the
talk he gave a parable and in the parable he showed a painting that
highlighted the message.

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