Monday, November 23, 2015

Temple visit, lots of biking, and gardening.

Hello everyone!
If I could sum up this week, it would be crazy hard and crazy awesome all at the same time. Its crazy how hard  the mission may seem at times, but when you take a step back to reflect on the tender mercies it really just helps you see how everything works out. I was talking with sister Lauritsen last night after our planning session, and we were reflecting on our week and I had just read in the book of Mormon where Nephi and his brothers were trying to get the plates from Laban and it took them three times to finally get them. And you read this all within one chapter, so it seems easier to see it from the beginning to the end of how all things worked out. And how at times I wish I could just read how things turn out in just a quick read from a chapter, but I know that The Lord knows, and we can always pray for the patience and understanding, so I guess I will just have to live with that. haha
This last Tuesday we were able to go to the temple! It was SO good. I love the temple, and missed it so much. The Atlanta temple is gorgeous! And I handled driving in Atlanta, and only got an "aggressive driving" form Tiwi once! haha.
Then on Wednesday, we helped Sister Foster clean out her garden, and she has so many cool herbs! Peppermint, spearmint, and oregano. She has walnut and pecan trees everywhere too! She taught us a lot about how to recognize edible leaves too. She's awesome. We also biked to her house, (11 miles) and then biked home. As much as I love to bike, I just feel SO unproductive because its hard to get a lot done, But we promised president we'd bike more to save miles and our area is HUGE.

We've also been praying for a family to find to help build up our branch, and we went to a potential that the Elders had started to work with and met her daughter who has a twin! And they were both interested in learning more and loved the concept of a living prophet and both wanted Books of Mormon! It was awesome, the work is truly hastening!
We also found out Last night Elder Holland is coming to The Atlanta, Georgia mission and our whole mission is invited as well! And three days before my birthday! AHH! Happy Birthday to me!
Well, I love y'all and I'm sorry this is so short! But I hope y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and really appreciate the time you have with your family. I'm so grateful for the family that I have, and that they know about the gospel, and that Christ's church really is here on the earth today!
Read the Book of Mormon! Its awesome!

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