Monday, August 3, 2015

Ya'll gunna love Georgia. 07/12/2015

And I thought I loved the MTC. Oh my goodness guys. Georgia is
amazing! We flew in and all I could see was a dark green blanket of
trees. And no mountains. It was crazy! We went and met president and
his assistants drove us to the mission home and it was beautiful. I
stared out the window in awe the whole time. It is gorgeous here.
Once we got to the mission home they handed us our iPads, fed us,
interviewed us and then sent us straight to bed. We were pooped. The
next morning we drove straight to the mission home, had a long thing
of learning the driving rules, residence rules, and then me and a few
other girls ran to the bathroom and I met my trainer in there! Her
name is Sister Gerard. Guys she is crazy awesome. I love her, she
works so hard and she has the greatest personality. We have so much

My first day we did four hours of service, tracted at a few
random neighborhoods where I handed out a Book of Mormon to a girl
named Serena who was very interested. It was so awesome!! :) and I
seriously have met the greatest ward members in the world, if you look
up Georgia Peach Sister McRae on you'll see one of the best
ladies in the ward here. Her accent is so deep, and her husband smokes
the best chicken in all the world. She is honestly one of the most
missionary minded ladies in the world. I love her. But honestly
everyone in the ward here is like that. I seriously feel at home here,
I love it so, so so much. I hate the bugs though, I woke up with five
spider bites and twelve mosquito bites my first morning here. And I'm
still alive so I don't think the spiders were poisonous thank
goodness. Haha. I see why pest control does so well here.
And my trainer loves to work out! Yaaaay!!:) cause the members love
feeding us. And it's hilarious, rolls, potatoes, Mac and cheese, tons
of Samoan dishes! And baked French toast. Mm mm I love it! But we have
biked fifteen miles almost every other day plus we work out early in
the mornin, it's the best :)
But enough of that! You need to hear about some of our amazing
investigators, there's Norma who is about in our fifties who's from
Cuba. Sister Gerard tracted her about a few months ago, but just
recently was able to meet with her. Oh my goodness I love her so much,
she went to church with us and loved it! She wants to visit the
temple, so we are going to have a member take her for us sometime
Also we are visiting a woman named Kerrie. I seriously love her so
much, I can't really tell you guys much about the investigators, but I
will say she needs your prayers. She is going through a really tough
time and we want her to be able to accept our savior so that she can
really toke herself to him to get herself through these trials.
We also have another investigator, Cynthia, who's getting married
August 1 so that her and her boyfriend can get baptized the following
week!!! Wahoo. They are so awesome. We love visiting them.
There's also Eric and Michelle, who I still haven't met yet but
hopefully this week. They want to get baptized, but they have a few
struggles they need to get through.
It's so weird, because sister Gerard has been here for five months,
she knows everyone and what they need and where to go.. And that's
been the best blessing, but also super hard for me. I feel as if I'm
not contributing to much, but today was so great. I now know Norma and
most of our investigators and through my studies and prayers I've
really seen how I can best help each of them. I'm so grateful for
Heavenly Father for helping us out. I know that it's through the
spirit, and only through the spirit we can really touch these people.
That is what brings that Christ like love, that is what guides you to
know what to say and what to do.
As I've been here I've also seen what a difference ward members make
on missionary work, you guys can do so much more than what we
missionaries can do! Seriously, please help out the missionaries by
going to a teaching visit, or just going up to an investigator who's
attending church for the first time and make them your friend! I can't
imagine going to a church by myself not knowing anyone or anything, so
please go help em out.

You guys rock. I seriously love yall so much.
Please go read 3nephi 17:3 it was a comfort reading it as that new law
on same sex marriage was passed, our homes should be a place of love,
and comfort and founded on our savior, Jesus Christ. I know that the
family is ordained of God and only can be between a man and a woman.
As sad as I am that the law was passed, it's been super great for us
missionaries! People who don't like the churches who are changing
their standards to fit the worlds are looking for the truth more than
ever now, and I know that our gospel is the true church on the earth
today, and never changes to fit the worlds standards.
Aw man, love yall
Ps. My area is called Dacula ( not Dracula without the R but, duhh cue la ) :) I love it! 

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