Saturday, August 15, 2015

I'm so grateful for sister Gerard

Sometimes we rock out In the car while the iPad randomly takes pictures to see how funny they get

Sister Gerard and I are currently on our deck right now, completely
clothed with Popsicles trying to get a tan. This is the life I'll tell
you.. Haha but really.

You guys. I seriously love the mission. And I'm so grateful for sister
Gerard. Yesterday I was just not doing so well. I finally had what
they call," the after the honeymoon and you gotta pay the wedding
bills phase" of the mission. I just felt so shy and so awkward. I
still don't know a whole ton of ward members well enough to just go
and have a great conversation with them, and my door approach sounds
like a copy cat of the awkward greenie from the best two years. Haha.
So I just had a time out in the car and cried for a little bit and
sister Gerard just really told me that she was surprised I was just
starting to cry, she told me the first few months of her mission she
cried nearly every day. But really, I would never want to be anywhere
else guys. I know that I was called here in Georgia and anywhere else
wouldn't feel right. I know that it was never easy for Christ, so why
should it for me? But really every little miracle sister Gerard and I
have the privilege  of seeing, make these hard times so small and
forgettable. And I'm so grateful for how much of a "mom" my Trainor
really is.

This week was so great! Last Monday feels like centuries away with all
of the things that happened, but then it feels so fast that we already
have another p day :)

So Tuesday, we had a district training and they asked sister Gerard
and I to give one on getting people to sacrament. It was a bit ironic
considering three days before we went to visit a family who was in
active and it was so awkward! We introduced ourselves and then he
seemed pretty rushed to say he was busy and instead of being bold but
loving, we just said, "oh we understand, call us if you need
anything!" Haha without giving him our number or inviting him back to
church, that is not something we normally do! Haha, so the training
was fun to give. We mainly focused on how our individual attendance is
though. Are we really present as the sacrament is being passed? Do we
really take the time to think of our savior and the actual renewing we
are doing each week!? I really hope so. Cause that's really what it's
all about! We need to really seriously think about the commitment
we're making. To always remember him, and keep his commandments! Cause
he's promising us the best thing ever! His spirit. And I love feeling
the spirit guys. It's the greatest :) so just remember to really take
advantage of the sacrament, it's so renewing and it can really bring a
strong spirit.

We also saw Norma, and she is hilarious! We have just been reading the
Book of Mormon with her, and it's been so fun! She finally asked for a
bigger copy because it's hard for her to read the smaller print. When
we gave it to her she was like, "it's so friggen big" and it sounded
like a nacho libre line from her accent. Haha she's so awesome. And
she said she's going to give the smaller copy to her daughter in law!
What a rockstar.

We also saw Sonia Stephens granddaughter again! We were able to teach
her the plan of salvation and it was so cool. She asked us so many
questions, and they were good! They all really show she sincerely just
wants to know. She said she felt the spirit and she said she wants to
be baptized! She is so much fun to teach. We love her and her grandma
Sonia so much! It's so stinking awesome to see the changes they are
making and the love they both to follow the savior.

We also helped the smiths family a few nights ago, ( the days just
scramble together) they are moving. So sister Gerard helped pack while
I washed all of her dishes.. And there was so many! And it was
probably the highlight of my week. Her daughter Rachel just stood by
me and dried the whole time. She's three and she's so stinking cute!
We sang so many primary songs. And she kept giving me hugs and we
talked about all of the prophets. I have found that one of the best
ways I feel the spirit is through little kids, and the spirit was just
so present. It's so awesome to see the love and kindness from little
kids! They're the best. I will miss the Smith family so much!

I finally met Eric and Michelle!! They are a couple that sister Gerard
and sister tuitea were teaching before who just got back in town! They
have been taught all of the lessons and want to be baptized, they just
need to get hitched already. And it's hard because Eric's family all
live in California and they want a big wedding with all of the family
there. But they sadly won't just pick a date and do it. So sister
Gerard and I are doing the 40 day consecration challenge. We fasted
yesterday and went through the day thinking of things that maybe
aren't disobedient, but little things we could do better, like making
sure we are only an hour at members homes for meals. Or making sure we
are sight and sound when doing service at the church and such. We just
want to be able to have the spirit fully present with us always, so
Heavenly Father can use us to help Eric and Michelle. And if you guys
could keep them in your prayers, that would be so awesome!

Well, I love Georgia. I love my mission, and I love my savior. I know
that Heavenly Father loves each of you so, so much!
I promise you guys, as you follow the counsel in Alma 29:9, to talk
about God and his goodness to anyone( in any way you know how!) and
get to see someone come closer to him, you will be REAL happy. And you
will know how much our Heavenly Father loves you, by feeling just a
fraction of the love he has while you help someone else.. It's such a
crazy feeling to feel so much love for a stranger.. But it's so
powerful and such a great feeling, and I know it's through Heavenly
Father that we feel it. I know he listens to my prayers. And he
answers them, and I have gotten to see just how many different ways
the answers come! I think my favorite as of late has been through the
scriptures, I can go back and read it every time and feel as if he's
face to face talking to me with how much I needed it and how powerful
the spirit is.

I love y'all so much!! Have such a great week! And please, just email
me about your life guys, I can read my emails anytime, I just can't
reply. And when you've just had a door slammed in yo face, or someone
tell ya we're from a cult, the uplifting emails help! :)

Sister Cunningham

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