Monday, August 3, 2015

First MTC Email and First Companion 06/26/2015

Wow! I don't know where to start! First off, I LOVE the MTC! And my companion is the best! And mom! Guess who gave me my name badge? Cheryl Potter! It was so great to see her familiar face! And my host, she was so little but SO, SO tough as she carried all my ginormous, heavy bags down the stairs for me. I have so much I want to say, so I will try to get it all, but short and sweet.
My companion is Sister Helen Hou ( Like Helen Keller she tells everyone) haha I love her so much! She is a convert to the church and the only member in her family. To see the love she has for this gospel and the love she has for everyone else here has brought such a sweet spirit to our companionship. I love her so much! 
Also, I saw Kelsey Kartchner, and Hailey Bunker and it was SO awesome. Big Hugs were given all around.  I think I cried both times, (happy tears of course) 
My district is awesome! We are using ipads here in the MTC! They call us their guinea pigs, so how we use them will effect the rest of the sisters and elders! No big deal. haha But I guess our missions will have ipads so they want us to get used to them now. 
My roomies are the best! We have two other sisters from our district who are both here from Utah, and one even went to Utah State! Go Aggies! And then we have a sister from Uganda! She is so amazing. She is the only member in her town! So she is here to show them that this is the true church. She just went through the temple this morning at like 5:30!  How cool is that? 
We have had some crazy events happen too! Almost all of the members of the twelve are here to train the new mission presidents that are going out, so we always have our cameras on hand to get a selfie with them. And in the middle of class yesterday, all of the sisters were called to meet in the big meeting hall, and there were security guards everywhere. I was stoked. I thought elder Holland or Eyring were going to be speaking to us or something. NOPE. Turns out, there were bats found in our residence hall, so we all had to leave our scheduled classes and pack up and move all the way to the end of campus. haha It was crazy! But it was Definitely a good work out.. (I'm working off the chocolate milk and cookies they always have on hand)  haha. And mom. you would go nuts over the chocolate milk! I wish I could send you some! 
Also, me and sister Hou have seen these two sisters all over campus that speak very little English. they are from Korea and China and at once we just felt like we needed to find ways to serve them. so we prayed our first night and then Yesterday we saw that one of them had left their jacket on a chair, so we grabbed it and were able to find them a few hours later and return it. They were so happy! They started to cry. It was just so cool! I love these sisters so much. Even though they really don't understand us, and we don't understand them too well, we feel immense love for one another. Each day I'm here, I learn how immensely our Father in Heaven loves us, but also how much he wants us to love one another. Love is SO powerful guys. I want you guys to read 1 John 4: 7, 20-21 for me please! And please pray for that love, it will help you to find ways you can serve anyone and everyone. Thats what we are on Earth to do! 
I seriously love being on a mission guys. I know that Heavenly Father is so mindful of each of us. And what a blessing it is, that he trusts us to represent our Savior. My love for the Savior has grown so much stronger. He is so kind, and loving.. I start to cry thinking of his goodness. I really hope to be as good as him at all times. It is how we all should be. I'm so grateful we can always read of his goodness in the scriptures. 
Well. I love each of you so much. You are all so awesome, and I know that as you read your scriptures for a purpose, pray to find ways to serve, and love you're neighbor as much as yourself, you will have a great day! So I challenge you to do those today! 

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