Monday, August 3, 2015

It's almost my two week aniversary! 07/20/2015

We have the best district ever! And one of them, ( guy in glasses) is
from Smithfield! Small world.

Hey everyone!

It's almost my two weekaversary! It's crazy though how much I've
learned since the last week I wrote. And the miracles Sister Gerard
and I have seen.

Something I thought a lot about today though was the sacrament. During
our sacrament meeting here in Zion... Uhmm.. I mean Dacula.. We had
some speakers who may or may not have been a little bit repetitive,
and maybe what we would call.. Dry. And after they were all done
speaking and half of the congregation was lulled to sleep, the bishop
came to the pulpit. It felt as if we were in a baptist church for a
moment as he almost yelled, "why are you here?, really though. Why are
you here today, in this church building. Do you know that this is the
church that has the true authority and power of God, and a living true
prophet? Cause if you don't, go and find it. But I know that this is
the true church. The church that Christ established. We have the
correct authority to act in Gods name, to return to him again..and
that is why I am here in this church today."

Why do you go to church? Why are you reading these emails? Why do you
like reading about my mission? Hopefully it's to strengthen your
faith, and grow closer to your savior. I was so humbled as I let
myself become bored in that meeting, and then hear bishop bare his
testimony of why we are where we are, and doing what we're doing. I
want you guys to know, I am here on a mission to bare testimony of my
savior, because I know that through faith in him, and his example, and
his infinite atonement, we are happy. We will be able to live with our
families for eternity, with our amazing Heavenly Father. Seriously
guys, read the Book of Mormon and highlight every positive adjective
of Christ and our Heavenly Father, you'll almost highlight the entire
book. I know they love us so much. And I want everyone to know that.
It makes me so sad to see the people here who don't want to hear about
it. I know it may not be there time, but seriously I don't want them
to not have the opportunity to at least be invited. I hope you guys
are finding ways to share your testimonies! Its not just for us, we
don't have mouths so we can just talk to ourselves about the gospel!
Use em to talk to someone else about it! Also, like your temple
recommend needs to be current, so does your testimony. Read the Book
of Mormon again, say a heartfelt prayer asking Heavenly Father if
Joseph smith was a prophet and saw and did the things he said he did.
Having that current testimony will not only strengthen yours, it will
help you when you testify to others, it will help you live your
testimony! I know, this is that typical missionary post where I write
a talk and a half about how you guys should be doing this, this and
this. But really guys.. Please do it. I'm out here in Georgia on a
mission to help others do these things, cause I just already expect
you guys are doing em cause ya'll are rockstars. ;)

But back to story time! So sister Gerard is honestly heaven sent.
She's such a hard worker! But she is also so much fun too when
appropriate. We laugh so much, and work so well together. I have
almost met every ward member and almost all of our investigators now,
and we've gotten nine new investigators this week! We plan so much and
prayerfully tell our plans to Heavenly Father and we have seen so many
miracles! For instance the other day we were driving on the street we
had planned to tract and sister Gerard realized she had already
tracted this street before. I asked if we could just pull over and
pray because last night we had already prayed and felt great about it,
we did and then drove forward and realized there were a few houses she
hadn't done. The first house was a boy name Tri who said he'd love to
come to church and learn more, wahoo! So we thought maybe that's why
we felt the need to be here, well the third house down we knocked and
introduced ourselves when the lady (her name is Elena, please keep her
and her family In your prayers) said, " oh my goodness! What a
coincidence! I just watched meet the Mormons last night, and like a
movie called fifteen miracle, I love those people!" She has seven kids
that we all were able to meet, we handed out Books of Mormon, ( thanks
the best two years for the book(s) of mormon spelling) and said a
prayer with them and invited them to church, sister Gerard and I left
crying.. Heavenly Father loves us each so much and guided us in our
planning, and prepared that amazing lady and her sweet family. But
that wasn't even the only miracle that night... We drove to a street,
even though we were running late with all our plans cause we talked
with Elena and her family so long! But we drove down and knocked on
the first house we saw, they didn't even open there door and yelled at
us to go away.. As we walked back down the driveway we both just
started to book it as we saw an old man walking his trash can in one
hand, and recycling bin in the other. We grabbed em and helped him up
the driveway as we introduced ourselves and asked if he attended a
church nearby. He said he hadn't been able to because he had been
taking care of his ill wife, we asked how she was doing. Tears started
to roll down this ,and face as he softly told us she had passed away
that morning. This mans name was Curtis. I know Heavenly Father and
his sweet wife Rachel were looking out for him as he made all our
plans and timing work out to be able to comfort and testify to this
sweet man of telling him he will see his sweetheart Rachel again.
You guys, this is so long. I'm sorry. Haha but I hope you read it all.
I love you guys so much. And I love being a missionary. God loves you
so much, talk to him in prayer tonight and ask him why you are where
you are, and how can you be where he needs you to be.
Ya'll are rockstars
Sister Cunningham.

P.s. I love letters, just lettin ya'll know.. ;)

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