Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First Transfer

Hey y'all!
So you all know I'm a greenie, so this first transfer was so new and
crazy to me!

Haha it probably was because I just expected to have sister Gerard as
my Trainor for the first twelve weeks, but sister Russell is awesome!
She is pretty quirky and has this evil sounding laugh, and tilts her
head back as she does it. Haha it cracks me up, and she always says
"barnacles." But we are basically white washing Dacula because I still
have to rely on the gps just to get us home.. Haha but in my defense,
the roads are all super curvy and so you have a very limited view of

The first weekly planning session was so hard! So we usually set three
hours every Friday to plan our next week, I never had to do it by
myself before, but sister Russell didn't know where to go so I
basically just prayed almost the whole session and planned maybe three
full days, but that's more than sister Gerard and I were some times
able to do, because we back up everything we plan win five other back
ups, and try to confirm all that we can with those we plan to see. So
it's super awesome, but can be super overwhelming. So we rewarded
ourselves with Popsicles and goldfish.

Also! Valerie is progressing so much. We've been able to see her
almost every other day. She just had surgery on Friday so she wasn't
able to make it to church, so we have to set her baptismal date back,
but we were able to visit her with sister stein, the relief society
president and her husband. She is going through a lot of financial
difficulties and can barely feed herself so we were able to find out
what to get her so she can actually eat, and were able to read from
the Book of Mormon with her.

Then on Thursday we met with Alex Kulik, sister Gerard and her
companion before had taught him and then he went to Romania with his
dad over the summer so my first time meeting with him, and teaching
him was with sister Russell. I love alex! Cutest little kid ever, he's
eleven and the sweetest! He has such good manners and loves being
taught, I felt the need to talk about the 2,000 stripling warriors
because he said he had a hard time wanting to read from the Book of
Mormon, so we read each verse together and just broke it down and made
it make sense for him. He loved it! It was so much fun and I could
feel the spirit so much! I said, "Alex do you know how awesome you
are? I hope so. Cause you are and Heavenly Father loves you so much."
He just came up and gave us a hug. It was the coolest lesson ever! His
mom is a member, but sadly doesn't want anything to do with the
church. None of the missionaries have never even seen her, because
Alex is always the one to answer the door. But hopefully he can just
be the missionary for them, cause he gets it! And loves it too, and
when that happens we all want to share it right!? Haha y'all better be
sharing it ya hear? ;)

I will not lie, sister Russell is a lot different than sister Gerard
and so I had a hard time the first few days, I cried a lot, and prayed
so, so much. She's fairly new herself and it's her first time ever
training and she just teaches a lot different than I do. But each day
I just love her more, and realize that if sister Gerard was still my
companion it wouldn't have been a way for me to stretch and grow in
different ways, even though we could've still killed it here in Dacula
together. Haha but I know Heavenly Father knows what's up, so I'm
excited to see what I learn during this transfer.

I've really learned the importance of being exactly obedient though,
sister Gerard and I made that 40 days of consecration and after she
left I found myself a few minutes late to bed, or staying a little
longer at a members home than I should have. No ones mad or telling me
I've done something wrong, but I know. And I know that I want the
spirit with me always, and Heavenly Father promises us that he will
always bless us when we are always striving to follow his
commandments. Whether it's being late to bed on a mission, or saying a
small swear word to add emphasis to how mad we are. It's really just..
How much do you love Heavenly Father? How our you showing Heavenly
Father how much you love him each day?

The scripture 2nephi 4:16-30 has been how I feel exactly as Nephi
talks about how easy it is to become sad and to let the temptations
become hard to bare, but how easy it is for the Lord to strengthen us
as we come to him. I really have seen just how much the savior has
strengthened me this past week. I was so sad sister Gerard left, but
if she hadn't, I wouldn't have had these trials and I wouldn't have
seen just how powerful the atonement is at strengthening each of us.
The trials don't ever really become easier, we just become so much

You guys, I love y'all.
Have an awesome week!
And I'm so sorry I am so horrible at writing y'all back individually,
please be patient with me!
Love, sister c-ham

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