Monday, December 14, 2015

11/30/2015 Letter

Hey everyone!
This week has been SO good!
A lot of crazy things happened. Like our apartment flooding, yea that was pretty crazy (&not our fault), AND it happened on Thanksgiving. But that's okay! We're alive and the apartment just smells funky now.
The Kridlers fed us the most amazing Thanksgiving dinner, and even sent us home with our own Turkey! It was so good.
We then found out Will made his own baptism date, and just barely told us this Sunday! I feel horrible, because he was being so stubborn about it and I was just frustrated. But Will is getting baptized this week on Thursday! Super soon! And we're SO excited for him, we just are now scrambling around trying to make sure everything is ready for his big day! Wahoo for Will! It will be in Monroe, which is the closest baptismal font for our stake, and its an hour and a half away. I really took for granted a church building ( yes, Monroes is a double wide trailer) and having it only a few minutes away!
We also have been working with SO many less active, part member families lately and its been so cool! We've had so many "came at the perfect time" moments and where the spirit has been so strong! One of my favorite's was with Ray Allen. This guy is a stud, reads the book of Mormon for an hour each day and LOVES to talk about it with his friends. The only problem is he makes up SO many excuses to come to church and we have no idea why. We've tried everything, President Monson even came to house right before church to talk with him and basically carry him in the car! So please pray for him, and that we will be able to found out how we can get him back to wanting to come!
We've also been having Cottage Parties, and that's where Anyone, both investigators, recent converts or just some of our members friends who have questions about the church meet! We sit and eat finger food and just have a discussion. It's been SO successful and we've had so much fun. We usually pick up Brenda, and she just bore her testimony and brought the spirit so strongly! She's incredible. She basically lived in a crack house, had THREE boyfriends ( she's 74) and smoked 2-3 packs a day! And she wanted to go to the temple. So she left all of that and moved into the Madison home so nothing could tempt her. She is incredible and an amazing example to us all!
I was recently reading in Jacob 5, and just thinking about how hard the Lord worked in his vineyard, and wept and diligently strived to help all of the Olive trees. The love he had, and the time he spent. The Savior is the most genuine example. I am so grateful that he works with each of us. That he spends the time with us as we go through trials, as we weep, and as we bear bad fruit. I know that he is constantly asking, "What could I do more?" but we really need to be asking ourselves that question, "What can I do more?"
I promise that as we strive to do MORE. More scripture study, more getting down on our knees and sincerely talking to our Father in Heaven. Just doing more. Heavenly Father will have the power to uplift and strengthen us that much more, because we will be doing the things to help us see that.
I love y'all and I hope y'all had an awesome Thanksgiving. I'm so grateful for all of you, and for My Father in Heaven and for his son. I love being here in Georgia, and I'm even more grateful i'm here in Madison.
Have a blessed week!! :)

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