Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Stone mountain Trip, Sonia and Valerie BFF's, Spanish Mission exchange

Man, I think of the all the cool things that have happened this week
and it seems so overwhelming to write it all and really express how I
felt, so I'll try to summarize and hopefully you can get a glimpse of
just how amazing this gospel truly blesses each of our lives!

On Saturday we had a lesson with Valerie planned, and I thought about
this amazing lady and how she's from Jamaica! Well I think y'all know
from my emails the Sonia Stephens lady, who's granddaughter is one of
our investigators! Well she was having a rough time with liking church
and staying active, and she's only been a member for about a year.
Well she's from Jamaica and she's just so much fun to be around, so we
just prayed that if we texted her and asked her to team up with us for
this lesson she'd come. GUESS WHAT! She totally did. And it was
AMAZING! I just want to cry with happiness for how inspired that idea
was to have her come, the lesson went amazing and sister Stephens
talked most of the time, and bore such powerful testimonies of the
prophet and the resurrection. And her and Valerie are basically best
friends now! They hit it off. It was amazing! In the car ride home
sister Stephens just continued to bear her testimony, and express the
love she had felt for Valerie so easy. Guys, Heavenly Father is so
aware of us!! I can't express that enough, he knew that Sonia Stephens
needed this, and that Valerie needed her! How cool is it that he just
inspired one person after the other just to help both of them feel
loved, and helped them feel their importance. Cause guess what! We are
all so loved and so important.
Valerie and her Granddaughter

And then on Wednesday we had exchanges and I went to a Spanish
speaking mission for the day! Haha I wish I could say my years of
Spanish in high school paid off, but I sadly only could go so far..
Haha. It was so much fun though! It made me wish I knew Spanish! The
Hispanic community here in Georgia is amazing! They are so welcoming,
and so kind! We were at one door step and sister van luevan, (my
companion for the exchange) talked for forever and the lady just
seemed so interested and kind! I could feel the spirit!! But as we
walked away, sister van luevan told me she wasn't interested,. I was
so shocked by how she was so willing to listen though, and to even
offer us water bottles and some food too! Then we taught an amazing
family that night! Well.. Sister ban luevan taught., haha but we could
feel the spirit as I followed along in the English Book of Mormon and
they read from the Spanish one. It was so neat! I'm so excited for the
Spanish sisters in our zone and all the amazing things they are doing!
And I love going on exchanges and just learning so much! It's amazing
:) I've actually made it my goal during my personal studies to learn
more sign language, because there's a potential who is deaf who really
does want to be taught more and we can only do so much for her, so
hopefully the gift of tongues can come through my hands as I practice
each day.
The weather here has been so amazing lately!! The leaves are changing
and the humidity has been so low the past few days!! It's been so
awesome. The members feed us such amazing food too, and the miracles
just keep coming!

I love being a missionary! I love Georgia! I love y'all and your
emails and letters!! They make my day so please continue to update me
and share your spiritual experiences!!

Sister Russell and I are off to go to stone mountain today!!! Ahh I'm
so stoked!! It's like the only mountain here, and it's a pretty legit
hike, I think y'all know how excited I must be to go hiking!  It's
been too long!

Random selfie with funny guy at Stone Mountain

Dinner with Tremblay Family

Heavenly Father loves you, I love you! Have such an amazing week!! :)

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